LINOLEUM MAINTENANCE                    

                             Regular Maintenance with Proper Cleaning Products

  • When your vinyl lino floor needs cleaning, use the manufacturers recommended cleaner 

when known. Wipe up food or other spills immediately using the recommended cleaner
and a soft cloth. Vacuum, dust or sweep regularly to remove dirt and grit.

  • Use a vacuum or soft broom for dry spills and abrasives. When using a vacuum, if 

possible turn off the beater bar and use a hose or wand with an upholstery attachment. 

Vacuum wheels may also be a source for indenting and scuffing, check the wheels for 

embedded grit.

  • A good maintenance routine should be completed once a week or as often as needed 

depending upon the traffic in your home. Never use more cleaner that what is required.

  • Tip: Most manufacturers vinyl cleaners are concentrated, a good idea is to mix a batch 

using the proper dilution ratio and keep it handy in a spray bottle. Your pre-mixed spray
bottle can be used to conveniently and quickly wipe up spills.

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