TILE MAINTENANCE               

  • It’s important to sweep a tile floor regularly.
  • Use walk-off mats at all exterior entrances.
  • Remember to shake the mats often to remove the dirt.
  • Ceramic tile floors should be damp-mopped regularly using the manufacturer’s recommended grout and tile cleaners.
  • Textured tiles may require mild scrubbing with a soft brush or electric polisher/scrubber.
  • For soft water situations you may need to use an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Consult the cleaning product’s instructions to make sure the cleaning product is compatible with your type of tile.
  • After cleaning, rinse well and wipe dry
  • Avoid using steel wool, scouring powders, or other abrasives.
  • Don’t use bleach or ammonia based cleaners.
  • Do not clean glazed tile with oil-based cleaners.
  • Try to clean up spills as quickly as possible.
  • Tile can crack under extreme force or pressure.
  • Take the proper precautions when moving heavy objects across your tile floor.
  • Cover furniture and table legs with protectors.
  • Keep extra tiles after the installation.
  • Areas exposed to water need to be caulked on a regular basis.
  • Seal your grout for added protection.
  • Grout colorants are available for stained, damaged or undesired colored grout.

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