SteelCraft Residential Collections

    The ThermoCraft series of insulated garage doors deliver a winning combination of quality construction, excellent thermal efficiency and timeless beauty. Popular for their simple elegance that complements any home, ThermoCraft doors have a seamless steel interior making it bright and easy to keep clean. Durable, strong and smooth in operation, the ThermoCraft series has a welcoming and clean appeal. Let's get started today! - send a request a quote or contact us.

     The RanchCraft's distinctive long panel design offers a style and charm unique to your home. Equipped with decorative windows with carefully sealed in glass units, each frame and insert is manufactured with UV resistant material to help prevent fading. Make a statement with decorative windows and stunning design. Choose the RanchCraft series for a garage door that is virtually maintenance free and exceptional in style. Send a request a quote or contact us.

     The CarriageCraft Series offers an outstanding collection of garage doors combining beauty with technical excellence. Charming in its traditional design, the CarriageCraft Series unites smart style with smart energy efficiency and functionality. Its alluring country-chic look will captivate visitors, while its seamless exterior will provide you with years of maintenance free operation. Send a request a quote or contact us.

     If you want your home to stand apart from the rest, the Esteem Series is the obvious choice. These sleek aluminum doors bring a modern and fresh look to any home. Available in a range of stunning options, these doors can be custom painted, may be filled with coloured glass or panels and come in a wide variety of sizes. Offering strength and durability in design, the Esteem Series provides modern luxury and standard Steel-Craft quality. Send a request a quote or contact us.

      The Elite Series of doors offers the look, feel and texture of real wood without any of the maintenance issues. Available in a rich walnut colour, you can highlight the classic feel of your home while benefitting from the durability of a steel garage door. These doors have a low-maintenance finish that requires no staining or painting and, unlike real wood, they will not warp, shrink, peel, or crack. Let's get started today! - send a request a quote or contact us.

     It’s only natural to be drawn to Flush garage doors.  Durable, contemporary and naturally strong, Flush steel garage doors provide a quality appearance to your home with a maintenance free exterior finish. Fresh in design, Flush is built to provide excellent protection from the outdoor elements with effortless style. Look to Flush garage doors for optimum strength, durability, and smooth operation. Send a request a quote or contact us.

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      Sleek and effortlessly modern, Steel-Craft's Contemporary Series offers the look, feel and texture of real wood without the maintenance issues. The door's clean finish fills a growing demand in the market for designer-inspired products. This climate-ready insulated steel door has an R-Value of 16.04 and an exterior that won’t require staining or painting.

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